We provide interior fitting-out services for different types of premises in the private commercial sector, including office spaces and light-industrial properties in Singapore.

In a typical interior fitting-out project, our services include:

  1. project management and construction management;
  2. interior fitting-out services;
  3. customising, and manufacturing and supply of carpentry / joinery and integral fixtures (including upholstery) depending on the requirements and according to the specifications of each project; and
  4. maintenance services on an ad-hoc basis for our interior fitting-out projects after the defects liability period.

The scope of

could differ depending on the requirements of our customers and vary project to project.

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Management and Construction Management

When we are engaged by our customers, depending on the requirements for each project, we are typically responsible for overall project management, coordination, engaging subcontractors of the project and procuring the necessary materials from our suppliers. Such project management services which involve the process of planning, organising and controlling of time, quality, resources, procedures and protocols seek to ensure that our overall services adhere to our customers’ expectations and to ensure timely and smooth progression of the project.

We are also involved in construction management, where we monitor and supervise the project on-site from commencement of our services to the delivery of the certificate of completion and follow-up rectification of defects during the defect liability period.

Fitting-Out Services

Our interior fitting-out services is the actualisation of the designs which are provided to us by the design consultants or the architects of each project we undertake, whereby we will coordinate, manage and arrange for the interior fitting-out works to be carried out. In some instances, where required by our customers, we may also provide shop drawings on the drawings provided by the design consultants or the architects. Types of interior fitting-out works generally include the manufacture and/or installation of ceiling, carpentry, joinery, plastering, floor finishing, woodworks, steel and metal works, painting works, sanitary fittings and wares, MEP works, minor structural works such as staircase as well as other associated works.

We may subcontract certain aspects of our interior fit-out works, such as MEP works, AV and IT works, as well as metal works and wet works, where our subcontractors will be responsible to supply or procure the supply of materials to be used in the fitting-out works such as stainless steel, MEP components including electrical components, air-conditioning, and fire protection since we currently do not process an in-house team.

Manufacturing and Supplying

We are equipped with a factory which allows us to carry out the production and manufacture of carpentry/joinery and integral fixtures that are required in the projects that we undertake. Some examples of include tables, countertops, receptionist counter, storage spaces and integral fixtures.

We believe that this enables us to actualize concepts desired by our customers, ensure quality of the finished products and manage the cost and time involved in manufacturing the same.

Before we customise any product, we will discuss with customer to understand their requirements, taking into account their desired overall look and feel of the premises. We will then prepare the carpentry/joinery and/or integral fixtures shop drawings based on the overall design concept and available space. We will also recommend materials to be used in the production process, taking into consideration any specific materials which are requested by our clients such as environmentally friendly wood. Thereafter, detailed carpentry/joinery and/or integral fixtures design will be developed and produced either in-house by our production facility or by our subcontractors in accordance with the agreed designs.


After the completion of the project and the expiry of the defects liability period, if requested by our customers, we may also provide repair and maintenance services on an ad-hoc basis.

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